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Walks in welcome or book an appointment. 

Every patient is seen by a board certified Physician. 

At South County Urgent Care we can help you with:

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Patient Waiting

Physicals & Routine Care

Urgent Care

Not an Urgent Care Visit

Flu shots
Sport Physicals
School Physicals
Employee Physicals
Workers Compensation
Insurance Physicals
Camp and Daycare Physicals
Sports Injurys

Allergic Reactions
Animal /Insect Bites
Cold symptoms

Ear Lavage
Flu Symptoms

Muscle sprains or strains
Sexually Transmitted Disease {STD}
Sinus infections


If you have chest pain or signs of a stroke,  please call 911 immediately. 

What our patients are saying


My favorite urgent care!! And doctors!!
I'm always taken care of here and the staff is extremely friendly! Always in and out super fast!
This urgent care has been in SC for-eh-vuh. It has been taking care of my family for over 15 years. They always provide exceptional care. Today, I felt bad for needing to be seen so late. As always I was greeted warmly, and Dr. John was amazing. Thank you for always being there for my family.


The doctor was great and explained everything very well, while keeping our daughter comforted and prepared for her staple for the laceration she received when falling at her childcare.  Thank you Dr. John and Garret for all your wonderful help, we will definitely be coming back and will recommend this urgent care to family and friends in the neighborhood. 
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